Our Monthly Sunday Events

First Sunday Communion Sunday

In our Fellowship, Communion is a Personal Forgiveness Opportunity, an opportunity to forgive others and to forgive ourselves we use physical elements for our Communion Service, to further instill and embrace this forgiveness opportunity


Second Sunday Birthday Sunday

The Second Sunday of every month we celebrate all of the Month’s birthdays following our Sunday Celebration Service.


Third Sunday Potluck Sunday

On the Third Sunday of every month, we enjoy Fellowship and Community as we celebrate our traditional Potluck Sunday Luncheon. This Is a great time of socializing and sharing; everyone is always welcome.


Fourth Sunday Variety Sunday

The fourth Sunday of every month brings many different events Following our Sunday Celebration Service; we often have study groups On a particular subject, we have Bingo Sunday often, and a variety Of other programs of interest


Fifth Sunday Pizza & Karaoke

When there is a 5th Sunday, we enjoy having a special after service Social event, “Pizza & Karaoke”. We bring in a wonderful selection of Pizzas and salads and everyone is invited to sing their favorite tunes As we have our A/V Staff run our Karaoke Entertainment – always great fun